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Video: Salsa Celtica


Links for 11.26.07: Elliott Smith’s mug, Axl Rose’s high-tops, Juno’s release +

*HUGE language + Facebook news: Facebook is removing the IS from its status section. It is always a balance of freedom and control. And the good guys just won one. (Not sure what that means.) [psfk]

*2 Guys, 1 Cup with John Mayer. (It’s safe for work.) [waxy]

*I admit it. I would like a pair of fake Chinese AXL Rose Converse high-tops. [metal sucks]

*Noodle around (finding videos and such) on Jukeboxtube for a while. []

*SEE: Autumn de Wilde’s coffee table photography book on Elliott Smith. [rawkblog]

*Behold, a laptop modded to fit in an electric guitar. [geekologie]

*More notes on the Juno soundtrack: the digital version drops December 11. [the playlist]

*If you’re feeling bored and nerdy, scan some kiddie and pop music lyrics with Language Log.