Links for 11.30.07: Christie’s t-shirts, Sufjan’s words, Evel’s goodbye +

by Josh Kimball

*Christie’s is now offering up vintage rock tees for auction. I HAVE A RAD HAWKWIND SHIRT, FYI. That is all.

*Evel Knievel, who just buried the hatchet with Kanye West, is dead.

*Sufjan Stevens really is having a PEN American Center literary event. On December 17th at Brooklyn’s Southpaw. It has just been delayed is all. Don’t panic. [peefork]

*Amazon is giving away 1 BILLION mp3s for a Super Bowl promotion. [readwriteweb] And: A Tipping Point for MP3s.

*CELEBRITY BEARDS: The much hated Pop Candy leads us to the tidbit that Conan O’Brien is growing a strike beard. It will probably not be a talibeard.

*Four Gawker Media drones quit in a day. Surprised it doesn’t happen more often. [via twitter]

*If you missed this: Accordion Hero exists. [buzzfeed]

*Off topic: The Orgasmo Clock wakes up its owners with the sound of a female orgasm. YES. [shiny shiny]