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Month: December, 2007

Some things you may have missed…and happy new year.

I recommend not missing these again (all links = self-referential). Some things from the past. For the future.

*AVOID: Black mead.

*James Hetfield responds to rumors of his detention at an airport in England for wearing a suspicious talibeard.

*The Cyclical Blog.

*Let the Bodies Hit the Floor.

*On Benjamin Franklin’s “cold-air baths.”

*Soulja Boy (Tell ‘Em) “Crank That” instructions.

*Swiss firefighter rap: 118 Projec’t.

*Notes on the Juno soundtrack. (For some reason, one of the most oft-searched posts of the year.)

*And happy new year. And thank you.

Video: “Naturally Juicy” Orangina commercial starring furries

Not that musicky. Also, I would almost say NSFW, but I have the day off. [laughing squid]

Links for 12.31.07: RIAA fights, cellphone abstinence, hip-hop’s fall…

*The University of Oregon stands up for students’ privacy rights in a legal fight vs. the RIAA.

*Our Digital Music runs its list of Top Ten Digital Music Stories of 2007.

*Read: an unfocused article on the future of hip-hop from the New York Times, but the nugget seems to be that a diminished mainstream market could be good for creativity of the genre.

*Filesharing is on the rise in Japan. According to one survey, 9.6% of internet users run filesharing software. Huh. [mediaeater]

*Sting is a toe sucker. [huffpo]

*Wired runs the top P2P swapped songs of 2007; Listenerd icon Soulja Boy comes in at #7.

*Cellibacy: A New York comedian gives up her cellphone for two months, documenting it here. [textually]

*Docudrama “The Killing of John Lennon” opens at the IFC Center in New York on January 2. The trailer. [nyer]

*Totally off topic, insane and NSFW: The Ballbra – a men’s underwear revolution. [mefi]

Video: A gramophone spinning

If you are not soothed by this, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. (“Oogie Oogie Wa Wa” by the Benson Orchestra of Chicago; 1922.)

Links for 12.30.07: Downward Doggs, Amazon rising, RIAA’s RIP…

*The New York Times covers Calvin Broadus’ reality TV show, “Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood.” Wherein Snoop does yoga.

*Frostwire gives filesharers an open source alternative to Limewire. [mashable]

*Amazon’s catalog of music has now swelled to 2.9 million tracks, from 3 major labels. [digital music news]

*Everyone likes talking about the RIAA. TechCrunch on the RIAA, CD ripping and the near future of copyright (infringement). On the same topic, Mashable says “The RIAA Will Die in 2008.”

*Nate Dogg had a stroke. Scary. [earsucker]

*Ron Paul supporters are planning a World of Warcraft rally on New Year’s day. Scary. [game | life]

Video: A phonograph playing soothingly

Links for 12.29.07: Blog better, Goodbye Bubbles, subscription music…

*Wired on the process of canceling your subscription music services. Wow, 30 minutes to cancel a Napster account. I’m obviously in the minority here, but I think subscription music is more in the future than it is in the past. As I’ve said before; screw having to manage (buy, find, etc.) files – it’s a waste of my time; I want to outsource it. [murketing]

*Local: Atmosphere drops 13 tracks for free: “Strictly Leakage.” Watch the explanatory video (which contains both smoking and chess) here. [switchblade comb]

*Hannah Montana is back on the market. Also, she is not pregnant. [earsucker]

*The New York Times‘ year-end The Lives They Lived feature covers Minneapolis’ dearly departed Joybubbles.

*Proto-blogger Jorn Barger on blogging well: “7. Credit the source that led you to it, so your readers have the option of ‘moving upstream.'” Most blogs – especially those trying to go pro – are absolutely abysmal at this. And that’s annoying.

*Zach Braff quotes. Because maybe he won’t sue. [mefi]

*Album sales are down 15.3% for the year over last year. [mediaeater]

*Crowdsource your playlist needs at SpinJay. [simplespark] TANGENT: Is there a term for crowdsourcing that uses an expert filter? (Like what knol wants to be?) I could use one. It should sound fresh (yeah, yeah–all ideas are old) and be just two or three syllables. Prosourcing? (Does it already have a name?) Anyway, portmanteaus encouraged.

VIDEO: (LOCAL + confession) I am terrified of The Blenders

The execrable local: Batshit insane a cappella group The Blenders DOMINATE the Minneapolis airwaves between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. 3 days left.


Video: Chipmunkized version of Sweet Child O’ Mine

YouTube user ChipmunkNation chipmunkizes popular songs. Thank you, ChipmunkNation.

Idolator on YouTube’s Chipmunkizing meme.

Video: Don’t Tase Me, Bro vs. MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This


Links for 12.28.07: Bono in 3D, Fergie in love, Strike Beards…

*HUGE NEWS: Fergie, our favorite pants-peeing diva from the Black Eyed Peas, is now engaged. And not to her craft. To Josh Duhamel.

*HUGE NEWS: The New Yorker on Strike Beards. God, huge beards rule.

*If you hate Bono as much as I do, you will probably not like U2 3D, a web production / 3D rendering of a live stadium concert by the band. [josh spear]

*Seriously: Fergie, Bono and awesome beards all in one day? X-mas effing miracle.

* offers up the Top Ad Music of 2007: Cat Power for diamonds at #8. (I really wish this site would update more often; it’s great.)

*Amazon adds Warner Music to its MP3 download store.

*Yes. A list. Top 5 Rock Songs Played by Classical Musicians.

*Black Eyed Peas ringtones are over. Get a tone that reminds you to keep your New Year’s resolutions. [textually]

*The A.V. Club interviews Walk Hard star and director Jon C. Reilly and Jake Kasdan.

Video: Breakdancing nativity featured in Virgin Mobile ad

A Virgin Mobile commercial featuring a breakdancing nativity scene. [neatorama]

Video: World of Warcraft rap


Video: A Charlie Brown Heavy Metal Christmas

Moshing. [metal sucks]