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What Google is telling me

My google reader is now suggesting what RSS feeds I may want to subscribe to, based on my own reading habits, and the reading habits of similar users. A few that Goo thinks I’d like: Music for Robots, Said the Gramophone, Pasta & Vinegar. Fair enough!

Google’s top recommendation, however, is You Ain’t No Picasso, a blog whose feed I once subscribed to, but have since taken out of the rotation.

If our Gooverlords were really on top of their game, their Reader recommendations might take into account the fact that I have tried and removed that particular feed. And if they wanted to overstep the bounds of privacy in an attempt to optimize my online experience (hey, I’m somewhat open to that!), they’d check gmail, see that I sent YouAintNoPicasso an e-mail a while back, scan for keywords that would indicate it was business-oriented, then check for any sort of reply. Finding none, they may assume that Picasso and I are on the outs, and could then tactfully refrain from recommending that particular feed to me (or at least remind me of that fact via a caveat).

(This is actually not that unlikely a scenario.)

WORDS: Neologism watch at the New York Times and elsewhere

Check out the Times visualization for fancy definitions of:


disemvoweling: leaving the vowels out of a word as a way of self-censoring or evade forum (or other) censors. [t of bs]

gaymer: LGBT videogame fans.