Links for 12.6.07: No more Rainbows, Diablo’s divorce, Deacon’s rage +

by Josh Kimball

*I am back with my brand-new invention: stick-to-itiveness. Eff the man.

*Radioheads’ “In Rainbows” pick-your-price site closes on December 10. [psfk]

*MyStrands takes $24M in funding.

*Read your Facebook inbox crap via e-mail now, not just through Facebook. Whew.

*Nokia’s Comes With Music: DRM-heavy.

*New FoxyTunes! “Post any song you can think of.”

*Fantastic NSFW Dan Deacon quote RE: Greyhound buses: “These rats stink like rotten cum. Fuck them with 1000 fires…Eat my shorts you dickless pig fuckers.” [peefork] (He’s playing at First Ave. on January 24.)

*The Local: Diablo Cody got divorced and got a tattoo. Congrats. [buzzfeed] Her ex.

*If you are sick of music, perhaps you will be interested in Totally Nude Yoga. [ToB]

*I am really tired, if you didn’t notice.