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Mates of State are ‘rent-blogging again

Catchy popsters Mates of State are blogging again on Nerve Media’s wannabe-hip parenting blog Babble. Only a couple updates in November, but watch Band on the Diaper Run for a taste of what it’s like to tour and parent simultaneously.

See also: “Low in Europe.”

Video: Son of Sam by Elliott Smith

Hot on YouTube over the past week.

Video: (LOCAL) Tom Waits does “Christmas card from a hooker in Minneapolis”

Happy holidays.

Video: Some Tesla coils playing the Super Mario theme

Links for 12.8.07: The Wire prequels, Too Short’s remix, Kanye’s porn +

*For those interested: The Grammy nominations. Included among the nominees is recently deceased rapper Pimp C.

*Are you ready for an offline Facebook publication? Insert “poke” joke here. (WHAT?) [hys par]

*The New York Times covers the Indie Rock Musical. []

*On music writing and the 33 1/3 series: In Praise of Distraction. [murketing]

*On a related (?) note, Kanye West enjoys pornography.

*Metal Sucks (which does not at all suck in its metal coverage) digs up evidence of a Motley Crue soda, MOTLEY BRÜE, from an old Rolling Stone mag. Yum?

*Too Short (the artist responsible for this writer’s first-ever cassette tape purchase) has contributed music to be paired with Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” tracks for a remix album. [peefork]

*The Wire prequels (super short) on Amazon. See a young Prop Joe, circa 1962 Baltimore. Plus Bunk and McNulty. [mefi]

Video: The Roots watch 2 Girls, 1 Cup

Looks like they’re having a lot more fun seeing it than I did when I got tricked into clicking through via Reddit. Ugh. [vicarious]