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Video: Jimi Hendrix performs “Hey Joe”


Links for 12.9.07: Oddball X-mas albums, Mr. Productive, 50’s filesharing stance +

*50 Cent: Artists must simply learn to deal with filesharing. [techcrunch]

*7digital tries to stir things up by declaring a “price war” on iTunes. [digital music news]

*Paste brings us Mark Ronson’s top tunes of 2007. [mediation] Again, check out Largehearted Boy’s list of year-end music lists.

*The New York Times: The Year in Ideas. Includes: The Next Violin, Craigslist Vengeance, Radiohead and Indie Rock Musicals (previously listenerded).

*The L.A. Times calls Jack White Mr. Productive. Also, he is pale.

*A gallery of the most bizarre Christmas albums ever. [neatorama]