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Jeff Tweedy, Wikipedia accuracy, parenting and smoking dope

Yesterday, I mentioned that pop band Mates of State is once again blogging on Babble about the challenges of parenting while on tour. Today, another story of rock and roll ‘renting. Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy talks about telling his kid about his past drug use (and resetting the little dude’s expectations around Wikipedia accuracy):

“Well, you know Spencer is 11, and awhile back, he said ‘I just read on Wikipedia that you started smoking pot when you quit drinking in nineteen-whatever. That makes me so mad. Wikipedia is always so wrong. It’s just like, so stupid.’ And I had to take him aside and say ‘Spencer, I didn’t think I was going to have to have this discussion with you at this age, because it is not something that has really entered your world, but I don’t want to lie to you. That Wikipedia thing, there are probably a lot of wrong things on there, but that is not one of them. That happened.'”

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*DUDE. I may be getting my sorry ass handed to me in certain Hypebot music blog polls, but Fergie served the world (so to speak?) and landed atop iTunes’ best-seller list of 2007 with “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” Listenerd second-favorite Soulja Boy lands at #3. Woohoo! [listening post]

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Video: Marie Digby playing Britney Spears’ “Gimme More”

This song may well be the “Since U Been Gone” of our time. [l.c.]

Video: Pimp C’s final performance with Too Short

Again, Too Short = the listenerd’s first cassette tape purchase. EVER. [getty images]

Video: Led Zeppelin plays “Stairway to Heaven”

Perhaps you have heard of it. [vulture]

Video: Soulja Boy’s Crank That, Africa style

There will never be a “last” Soulja Boy post. Never.

Links for 12.11.07: Faux Cox tours, Snocap’s a steal +

*John C. Reilly will be touring in-character as Dewey Cox? [rolling stone]

*RealNetworks lays off 100. Redundancies. Heh. [paidcontent]

*Snocap desperate to be acquired: We’re a steal! [digital music news]

*See CNET’s roundup of in-car HD Radio options.

*Quiet Riot’s Kevin Dubrow died of a cocaine overdose. [mtv]

*The A.V. Club’s list of songs that should never be covered again includes “Revolution,” “Respect,” and “Born to be Wild.” [pop candy]

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