More links for 12.12.07: Wilco’s catalog, indie-rock hotties, Conchords’ album +

by Josh Kimball

*iTunes vs. eMusic’s top selling music of 2007. [jimray]

*Flight of the Conchords (the television show that has been deemed most likely to be sent to me in short clips via IM over the past 6 months) are releasing a full-length album in 2008. [musicfilter]

*Ike Turner is dead at 76. [peefork]

*Wilco’s planning on playing its entire recorded catalog over a 5-night concert stand at Chicago’s Riviera Theater. [mfr]

*It is simply not possible to not mention Santiago Chopper’s skull motorcycle helmet. [bb gadgets]

*FYI: Beck has some weird shit going on.

*For all your quasi-corporate blog needs: The Gummy Awards. Worth a look: this year’s indie-rock hotties.