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Links for 12.13.07: Lennon’s locks, Facebook’s is, Gmail’s tunes +

*The “is” has been removed from Facebook statuses! Thank God! (Long live the is!)

*Thumbplay helps iLike users get access to ringtones. [mashable]

*Gspace lets users upload and play music from their Gmail. [Mentioned this before, but check out the lifehacker post.]

*John Lennon’s hair is going for $48k per lock. Seems like a lot. [pop candy] (Also from P.C.; what is your perfect holiday beverage? Mine: A WHISKEY. Huh.)

*Google Zeitgeist’s top ten: Facebook, YouTube, Second Life, Club Penguin. HUH. People looking for platforms… [mediaeater]

*LOCAL: Minneapolites can help local public radio station The Current pick the top 89 albums of the year here. [metroblogging minneapolis]

Video: Toyota’s violin-playing robot