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Video: Phonograph playing Bells of Christmas

Both festive and soothing. And also retro-tech.

Links for 12.16.07: Hannah’s score, Smith’s toilets, black mead +

*Hannah Montana is making StubHub rich. Also, she is not pregnant. [techmeme]

*The other day BB Gadgets linked to a video of a guitar-activated vibrator. I would be remiss if I did not pass said video along. (Plus, not music related, but on the tech sex tip: a video of highly sexualized CFLs in love. [ecogeek]

*Breaking: Will Smith no longer using toilet paper. [parent dish]

*Battelle on Knols, the forthcoming Wikipedia competitor from Google: Wow. Wired: Knols isn’t after Wikipedia.

*Avoid black mead (an irregularly published anti-recommendation service of the listenerd).