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Video: John Mayer teases with a little Def Leppard


Video: A five-year-old drummer rocking

Igor Falecki can play.

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Video: Chinese hip-hops granny

I see some Soulja Boy influences here.


Links for 12.17.07: Limewire’s reach, Fogelberg dies, Minor Threat condiments…

*The L.A. Times does a Year in Music roundup. PRINCE! [mediaeater]

*Dan Fogelberg is dead of prostate cancer. Read the New York Times obit.

*Global ringtone sales have peaked. It’s all downhill from here. Thank God.

*Mobile guitar tuner: Call a service center (or use an on-phone app) on your cellphone to tune your guitar. [textually]

*1/3 of computers have Limewire installed? Whoa.

*Stuart Murdoch, songwriter for fey poppers Belle and Sebastian, has written a movie. Weirdly enough, Wes Anderson is not slated to direct. [the playlist]

*Top 10 musicians to invite to your Christmas party AND the top 10 musicians to invite to your college party: So why was Prince not on the college party list? I mean, really. [controlroom]

*For all your straight-edge culinary spice needs: MINOR THREAT HOT SAUCE. [pop candy]

*Britney Spears has a new video, for the song “Piece of Me.” Though I link to it, I have not and will not watch it. Under any circumstances. (OK, it was fine.) [stereogum]

*Thanks for publicly humiliating me, Hypebot. Thanks so much.