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Video: REM’s “Superman” played on a Crayola phonograph

Video: Mini Me commercial for World of Warcraft

Links for 12.18.07: Branded songs, P-fork vizzy, Daft Punk dolls and more…

*A Nike-commissioned song, “Better Than I’ve Ever Been” by KRS-ONE, Nas and Kanye, is the first branded tune nominated for a Grammy. Take that, Fergie. [daily swarm]

*DUDE. Vizzie love: A pie chart of Pitchfork’s Top 100 tracks of 2007. (Not exactly Andrew Kuo, though…) [fimoculous]

*Warren Sapp is rolling out a global franchise of videogames and BBQ called HipHopSodaShop. Doug E. Fresh is performing at the franchise’s grand opening in Tampa as I type. [buzzfeed]

*J. Lo used to be a musician. The New York Daily News now reports on the contents of her baby registry (lots of strollers, cashmere, and suede). [parentdish]

*Daft Punk + Fossil = the Bearbrick Boxed Set. [josh spear]

*Totally local and not related to music at all: Food writer Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl is leaving City Pages for Minnesota Monthly. WOW – did Minnesota Monthly just become worth picking up? [minn post]

*The NYT‘s Bits comments on Rhapsody’s entry into Facebook. OK post, but I don’t really care for the ad hominem disparagement of SuperPoking.

*One parent blogger offers up her music picks: 6 Kids’ Albums that Don’t Suck. Includes Johnny Cash and Broken Social Scene, but not sure about the whole Coldplay thing.

*Sounds like Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant. Sad.

*Another list: Billboard’s Top 25 Best Rock Posters of All Time. Like so many, I used to have an orange tie-dyed t-shirt version of that Jimi Hendrix eyeball thing. [kottke]