Links for 12.24.07: Idolator selling, Norris suing, Iran rising…

by Josh Kimball

*Is Gawker Media’s Idolator up for sale? Maybe The Daily Swarm will buy them. (Also, Idolator’s OK sometimes, but the site name – from which all blog mojo flows – sucks.)

*A readable article from In These Times on the Tehran, Iran underground rock scene. [3 quarks daily]

*Watch: The Zero Punctuation review of Guitar Hero III. [plasticbag]

*Chuck Norris is suing Penguin for publishing a book of fake Chuck Norris facts. Sort of a David v. Goliath. [triumph of bullshit]

*Who likes country music?

*Read CNet’s roundup of digital music services that launched in 2007. [hypebot]

*A recent Apple patent means iPods will be able to lower the sound to protect listeners’ hearing. [xrrf]