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Video: A Charlie Brown Heavy Metal Christmas

Moshing. [metal sucks]

Links for 12.25.07: Jay-Z resigns, Tom Stoppard rocks, Jena Malone rates…

*Jay-Z is done as an exec at Def Jam. He still owes them one or more albums as an artist. [hypebot]

*Playwright Tom Stoppard takes on music in “Rock ‘n’ Roll,” a look at how rock music helped fight communism in Czechoslovakia.

*Jena Malone passes on her top 10 albums of the year through Filter: The National, Beirut, Kings of Leon, Grizzly Bear, Spoon. She’s been reading the blogs.

*Single-purpose site (I love these things):

*Rock Band has a variety of new and terrible tracks available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users. 30 Seconds to Mars? (Jared Leto’s band…) [kotaku]

*For your stalking pleasure. Spokeo updates you whenever your contacts update Flickr, Facebook, etc. No need to tell those you’re stalking that you’re tracking them, either. (Have been thinking about how best to put an ego dashboard together for a while, but the stalking angle works, too.) [fimoculous]

*Merry Christmas, if it suits you.