Links for 12.29.07: Blog better, Goodbye Bubbles, subscription music…

by Josh Kimball

*Wired on the process of canceling your subscription music services. Wow, 30 minutes to cancel a Napster account. I’m obviously in the minority here, but I think subscription music is more in the future than it is in the past. As I’ve said before; screw having to manage (buy, find, etc.) files – it’s a waste of my time; I want to outsource it. [murketing]

*Local: Atmosphere drops 13 tracks for free: “Strictly Leakage.” Watch the explanatory video (which contains both smoking and chess) here. [switchblade comb]

*Hannah Montana is back on the market. Also, she is not pregnant. [earsucker]

*The New York Times‘ year-end The Lives They Lived feature covers Minneapolis’ dearly departed Joybubbles.

*Proto-blogger Jorn Barger on blogging well: “7. Credit the source that led you to it, so your readers have the option of ‘moving upstream.'” Most blogs – especially those trying to go pro – are absolutely abysmal at this. And that’s annoying.

*Zach Braff quotes. Because maybe he won’t sue. [mefi]

*Album sales are down 15.3% for the year over last year. [mediaeater]

*Crowdsource your playlist needs at SpinJay. [simplespark] TANGENT: Is there a term for crowdsourcing that uses an expert filter? (Like what knol wants to be?) I could use one. It should sound fresh (yeah, yeah–all ideas are old) and be just two or three syllables. Prosourcing? (Does it already have a name?) Anyway, portmanteaus encouraged.