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Month: January, 2008

Video: Vampire Weekend’s “White Sky”

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Links for 1.27.08: Fairey’s Obama, Qtrax’s bet, Amazon’s MP3 expansion…

*You must check out Shepard Fairey’s Barack Obama posters. [murketing]

*The Amazon MP3 store will go global in 2008. All in all, it’s currently a better experience than iTunes. [engadget]

*Ad-supported legal P2P provider Qtrax has deals with all the major labels. [listening post]

*Now that’s a P2P network. The Pirate Bay tracks 10 million “peers.” [mathewingram]

*The New York Times hypes hip-hop’s rising indie females such as Yo Majesty and Kid Sister.

*Jerome Kerviel, who lost the equivalent of $7.2 billion dollars and may have pushed world markets into an economic tailspin recently has a Facebook page. I bet he’s getting poked a lot.

This week on the listenerd

It will be mostly this.

Links for 1.25.08: China tunes, Scarlett sings, iPhone’s pocketguitar…

*HOLY: Pocketguitar – a virtual guitar for the iPhone. Video here. [waxy]

*Black Mirror: Another Arcade Fire interactive video.

*The Keith Ledger situation: Absolutely tragic. I, too, noticed the rise of Keith Ledger on Google’s hourly trends feed.

*A 16-year-old boy was arrested for attempting to hijack a plane and take it to a Hannah Montana concert. Isn’t 16 a little old for Hannah?

*May 20: Mark this date – it is the day the Scarlett Johansson album “Anywhere I Lay My Head” drops. It features 10 Tom Waits covers. I’m worried. [people]

*Much maligned ad-supported music site SpiralFrog is drawing 1M+ uniques per month. That’s more than a million more than the listenerd. [techcrunch]

*Hypebot starts a new series about the music industry in China. People over 45 love China.

*Warner Music is suing Seeqpod, the music search engine, for copyright infringement. [mashable]

*Thanks, Juno: First hamburger phones, next premarital sex. [pop candy]

*Books: ALL SHALL BE WELL; AND ALL SHALL BE WELL; AND ALL MANNER OF THINGS SHALL BE WELL by Tod Wodicka looks interesting to me, mostly because of the title and the black mead (which I despise).

Links for 1.23.08:’s strategy, Yahoo’s MP3s, Diddy’s shift…

*As signalled yesterday, has announced a change in its model. Users can now stream full songs up to three times, with CBS generating revenue for these kinds of users through advertising. Users who want more can pay a subscription rate for all-you-can-stream. [uk register]

*Yahoo’s been very active in the digital music space of late. Today, Mashable floats the rumor that Y!’s prepping to sell drm-free music digitally (or offer it via an ad-supported model).

*P. Diddy will now be going by the name Sean John. [musicfilter]

*Read: The Village Voice’s Pazz + Jop. [fimoculous]

*I’m all ears: speakers shaped like gigantic earbuds. [geeksugar]

*More gear: A stone turntable. Soothingness, Bedrock style. [crave]

Links for 1.22.08: Uncle Con,’s evolution, death metal names…

*LOCAL AND MUSICAL: Uncle Con (Conrad) in the papers again. Pic of him setting up for M.I.A. in a story on a day in the life of First Avenue. Also, I did not know that the side entrance is called “Conrad’s Door.” [via mediation + overheard at a late x-mas celebration this weekend, but not followed up on. I kinda suck as a local blogger.]

*News conference tomorrow: CBS to morph recent acquisition into a video endeavor? Tune in…

*The incomparable Metal Sucks points us at some of death metal’s most over-the-top band names: Torsofuck and Squash Bowels, to name just two.

*Dancing with the Stars contestant Mark Cuban says that the album is dead.

*If you are obsessed with Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights,” maybe you will like it even better with R. Kelly singing a bonus verse. [vulture]

*Have you ever wondered how an audio recording of a shower running would sound when played in other bathrooms? You may be an artist.

*What are the opportunities for makers of mp3 players wishing to court the SpongeBob demo? (Kinda good!)

*The New York Sun profiles Cat Power.

Video: Vampire Weekend’s “Mansard Roof” Take Away Show

Dangerously blog-buzzy Vampire Weekend plays “Mansard Roof” for the Take Away Shows.

Links for 1.21.08: Target’s musical aims, We7’s big six, Zonday’s reign…

*Ad-supported music purveyor We7 (backed in part by Peter Gabriel) has taken $6 million in Series A funding. [mashable]

*Target starts selling digital music (in a small way). They have a deal with Sony BMG, and will sell the latest John Legend album on [paidcontent]

*The New Scientist reports on a wi-fi device that polls party-goers for their musical preferences. [techmeme]

*Brooklyn Vegan offers extensive coverage of a recent NYC gig by Tay Zonday. (For Minneapolites: Looks like Zonday will be playing at the Uptown a week from Saturday.)

*On-the-rise party-starting singing style of the moment: Sacred Harp. [ypulse]

*Leonard Cohen is going on tour for the first time since 1993. [dailyswarm]

*The week’s best guitar amp: The Fucking Fucker. [boingboing]

*Listenerd fave Benjamin Franklin (known for his cold-air baths) is profiled in the New Yorker.

Next steps for Slide

Recently, we learned that Facebook widget-maker Slide had gotten venture funding and been valued at around $500M – sort of a lot of money. Such eye-bulging numbers will mean increased expectations.

Hence, Superpoke recommendations I have seen (verbatim):

“I’d like to vomit on people”

“for thanksgiving you should have had the option of basting or stuffing people!”

“So-and-So has punched you in the throat.”

“Given you a Sub-prime loan”

“Can you please add a “Throw a Pallet” option. It would be great for everyone who works in a warehouse setting”

“shake hands politely with (in a traditional manner)”

“i want to be able to “facepush” people”

“You should be able to throw a carrot at someones eye”

“Can you add the option of having had Chipotle with someone???”

“I think invaginate should be an option.”

“Has giving you French Onion soup.”

$500M. Yeesh. Makes me want to suggest “grant options to.”

Links for 1.20.08: Music’s best beards, Folk’s finest hip-hop…

*PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT LINK I WILL POST ALL YEAR: A slideshow of the Top Ten Beards in Modern Music. Includes Devendra Banhart and Kyp Malone; no Ben Bridwell. [reddit]

*Rob Walker talks about theoretical listenerd favorite Yo Gabba Gabba! in this week’s New York Times Magazine. (Weirdly, I first wrote about Yo Gabba Gabba! for the day job in 2006 – long before it was even picked up.) Walker also invokes “kindie rock;” where children’s music and indie meet, but calls neologisms such as these “vaguely grating.”

*The New York Times Bits blog on Blu-Ray, the HD format wars and tech-buying in general: “To stay sane, any consumer needs to think of digital technology as a subscription rather than a product.”

*David Milch is going back to doing cop shows. [medialoper]

*The top 5 folk covers of hip-hop tunes (with videos) include “Straight Outta Compton” and “Gin and Juice.”

Links for 1.19.08: DRM’s death, Sean Paul’s power, Debbie Gibson’s camp…

*This we have long known: Sean Paul causes seizures.

*Sasha Frere-Jones takes on Kate Nash and the MySpacification of music marketing. [murketing]

*Tons of people writing (or filming) “DRM is Dead” rhetoric. It’s almost enough to get me to write my flaming, 500-dragon screed about punditocratic myopia. Almost.

*Deborah Gibson has launched Camp Electric Youth, a training ground for aspiring young performers. (Is it just me, or is the opening imagery for her site…scary?) [ypulse]

*Tangential: the MyStrands blog reminds me that I need a Nokia N95 phone. Which reminds me that I need a lot of money.

Video: Beer bottle orchestra

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. [neatorama]

Video: Darth Vader playing Rock Band


Video: Michel Gondry curates YouTube channel

Everyone’s favorite lumberjack.