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Video: Music video featuring dogs being thrown in the air in slow motion

“Birds” by Vitalic, featured in today’s Very Short List. I don’t know if any dogs were harmed in the filming of this video. [vsl]

Video: Electromechanical musical instruments from Japan

I’m not even sure what this means.


Video: Skillz 2007 Rap Up


Links for 1.1.08: injured, Cross cross, Yorke live…

*The New York Times asks if anyone (else) will buy In Rainbows. (They’re shipping about 400,000 copies to record stores initially.)

*Big news on the Black Eyed Peas front: BEP quote machine has broken his foot. [earsucker]

*Is David Cross a sellout for taking a role in Alvin and the Chipmunks? (Note: This blog, like so many others, is required by law to mention David Cross at least once per quarter.) [waxy]

*Okkervil River’s put out Golden Opportunities Mixtape, an album of some of the bands covers and oddball performances. It’s available for download free on their site. [vulture]

*The top 10 tv theme songs of all time: Couldn’t agree more with “All in the Family” as #1. I sing it weekly. [listening post]

*Tough times: The Financial Times reports on EMI’s belt-tightening under Terra Firma. [xrrf]

*Recommended: Stereogum’s mashup mixtape, 2007 Mashed Up, which includes MIA vs. the A-Team theme.

*VERY LOCAL: I am recommending that everyone in or near St. Paul go to brunch at Blondie’s on Snelling today. Just saying.

Video: Terry Richardson + Vincent Gallo = Belvedere Vodka commercial

I don’t have anything against either of them, but the ick factor of Terry Richardson and Vincent Gallo teaming up is enough to make some people I know gag. [fimoculous]

Video: Fret Killr – killer YouTube guitarist stays anonymous

Waxy links to Fret Killr, a YouTube guitarist who posts videos of skillfully played songs, but won’t reveal his identity, despite repeated prodding from fans and commenters. (Also posted on mefi.)

Here’s “Auld Lang Syne.”

Video: Radiohead’s Scotch Mist – New Year’s Eve concert video

From last night’s concert: 50 minutes.