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Video: Tom Waits “singing” ‘Way Down in the Hole’ live

Update: video pulled. Lame.

David Simon would be proud. [fark]

Video: Mad TV of Feist iPod commercial



Links for 1.3.08: Apples big moves, Earworm’s big mash, Sir Paul’s big op…

*Two (and a half) iTunes things:

1) Rumors swirl about a collaborative record label project coming from Jay-Z and Apple.

2) Radiohead relents, allowing iTunes to sell “In Rainbows” by the track, not just in its album bundle.

2.5) (But Amazon beats iTunes on unbundled pricing.) [1st link via daily swarm]

*Listen: To DJ Earworm’s mega mashup of Billboard’s Top 25 songs. [neatorama]

*Paul McCartney had super-secret heart surgery late last year?

*Free Music Zilla: Lets users grab and save music from Imeem, Pandora,, MySpace. [red ferret]

*Sex and phones: The Kiss Phone (has lips that simulate kisses from the person you’re talking to) vs. Rub My (iPhone) [NSFW]

*Britney Spears is readying for her return to the silver screen? (Who didn’t love Crossroads?)

*If you rock. And are having a kid. Try Rattle ‘n’ Roll baby announcements. [parent dish]

*M.I.A. is Marc Jacobs’ latest model. [brooklyn vegan]

*On beards: Gothamist examines writers’ strike beards. (If there’s one good thing that’s come out of the strike (so far), it’s the beards.)

*Napster is raising prices by $3 a month. Hmm… [mashable]

*One or two of you may be asking: What are the best country music songs of 2007? Here’s a Top 50.

*Why do records leak? [getty images]