Links for 1.8.08: Posh’s duds, Juno’s tunes, Hannah Montana’s double…

by Josh Kimball

*The listenerd visited the Virtual Lower East Side just after launching and found it very empty. This New York Times writer finds a similar experience. (And why in the world is this filed in the Television section of the Times?)

*Juno actors Ellen Page and Michael Cera release iTunes playlists optimized for bloggers: CocoRosie, Brendan Benson, BSS, Beulah. Social Media Marketing lesson #564. Check them at The playlist.

*Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has topped Mr. Blackwell’s Worst Dressed of 2007 List. Congrats. (Listenerd fave Fergie also made the list!) [huff po]

*JupiterResearch projections say European digital music sales increases will offset physical sales’ losses by 2010. [paid content]

*Seth Godin (I’m hot and cold on him) comments on the music business: Not entirely against subscription. AHA!

*FYI: Ice Cube is planning on wearing a mohawk for his role in the forthcoming A-Team movie as B.A. Baracus. [cinematical]

*Hannah Montana uses a body double? [daily swarm]

*Read: MuSick in the Head’s Music 2.0 predictions for this year: “Apple launches a subscription music service.” I LIKE IT.