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Video: The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain performs the “Shaft” theme

Video: Soulja Boy’s “Yahhh”

Need a dance. [vicarious]

Links for 1.9.08: Yahoo’s open tunes, Tasers with mp3 players, free Shins…

*Jeff Mangum, frontman for listenerd favorite Neutral Milk Hotel got MARRIED. [mfr]

*Yahoo has launched a browser-based music player that, among other things, allows bloggers to link to MP3s hosted by Yahoo. Read Mathew Ingram for a fuller, probably more clear explanation of Yahoo’s new music offering.

*Read: A longish GigaOm article on Seeqpod and Jango.

*Arrested, but not charged. Due to lack of evidence, neither Martin Crandall of The Shins nor his girlfriend Elyse Sewell will be charged by Sacramento police. The pair were arrested last week. [xrrf]

*Wonderful CES find: A taser with a MP3-playing holster. Bro. [crave]

*Katherine McPhee, Taylor Hicks and Ruben Studdard have now all been label dropped. Best of luck in your future endeavours.

*Boing Boing Gadgets’ Joel Johnson asks the NSFW question we’ve all been thinking.