Links for 1.22.08: Uncle Con,’s evolution, death metal names…

*LOCAL AND MUSICAL: Uncle Con (Conrad) in the papers again. Pic of him setting up for M.I.A. in a story on a day in the life of First Avenue. Also, I did not know that the side entrance is called “Conrad’s Door.” [via mediation + overheard at a late x-mas celebration this weekend, but not followed up on. I kinda suck as a local blogger.]

*News conference tomorrow: CBS to morph recent acquisition into a video endeavor? Tune in…

*The incomparable Metal Sucks points us at some of death metal’s most over-the-top band names: Torsofuck and Squash Bowels, to name just two.

*Dancing with the Stars contestant Mark Cuban says that the album is dead.

*If you are obsessed with Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights,” maybe you will like it even better with R. Kelly singing a bonus verse. [vulture]

*Have you ever wondered how an audio recording of a shower running would sound when played in other bathrooms? You may be an artist.

*What are the opportunities for makers of mp3 players wishing to court the SpongeBob demo? (Kinda good!)

*The New York Sun profiles Cat Power.