Links for 1.23.08:’s strategy, Yahoo’s MP3s, Diddy’s shift…

*As signalled yesterday, has announced a change in its model. Users can now stream full songs up to three times, with CBS generating revenue for these kinds of users through advertising. Users who want more can pay a subscription rate for all-you-can-stream. [uk register]

*Yahoo’s been very active in the digital music space of late. Today, Mashable floats the rumor that Y!’s prepping to sell drm-free music digitally (or offer it via an ad-supported model).

*P. Diddy will now be going by the name Sean John. [musicfilter]

*Read: The Village Voice’s Pazz + Jop. [fimoculous]

*I’m all ears: speakers shaped like gigantic earbuds. [geeksugar]

*More gear: A stone turntable. Soothingness, Bedrock style. [crave]