Links for 1.25.08: China tunes, Scarlett sings, iPhone’s pocketguitar…

by Josh Kimball

*HOLY: Pocketguitar – a virtual guitar for the iPhone. Video here. [waxy]

*Black Mirror: Another Arcade Fire interactive video.

*The Keith Ledger situation: Absolutely tragic. I, too, noticed the rise of Keith Ledger on Google’s hourly trends feed.

*A 16-year-old boy was arrested for attempting to hijack a plane and take it to a Hannah Montana concert. Isn’t 16 a little old for Hannah?

*May 20: Mark this date – it is the day the Scarlett Johansson album “Anywhere I Lay My Head” drops. It features 10 Tom Waits covers. I’m worried. [people]

*Much maligned ad-supported music site SpiralFrog is drawing 1M+ uniques per month. That’s more than a million more than the listenerd. [techcrunch]

*Hypebot starts a new series about the music industry in China. People over 45 love China.

*Warner Music is suing Seeqpod, the music search engine, for copyright infringement. [mashable]

*Thanks, Juno: First hamburger phones, next premarital sex. [pop candy]

*Books: ALL SHALL BE WELL; AND ALL SHALL BE WELL; AND ALL MANNER OF THINGS SHALL BE WELL by Tod Wodicka looks interesting to me, mostly because of the title and the black mead (which I despise).