Links for 1.27.08: Fairey’s Obama, Qtrax’s bet, Amazon’s MP3 expansion…

by Josh Kimball

*You must check out Shepard Fairey’s Barack Obama posters. [murketing]

*The Amazon MP3 store will go global in 2008. All in all, it’s currently a better experience than iTunes. [engadget]

*Ad-supported legal P2P provider Qtrax has deals with all the major labels. [listening post]

*Now that’s a P2P network. The Pirate Bay tracks 10 million “peers.” [mathewingram]

*The New York Times hypes hip-hop’s rising indie females such as Yo Majesty and Kid Sister.

*Jerome Kerviel, who lost the equivalent of $7.2 billion dollars and may have pushed world markets into an economic tailspin recently has a Facebook page. I bet he’s getting poked a lot.