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Month: February, 2008

Video: Prisoners doing the Soulja Boy – Watch more free videos

Video: The Superpoke Song

Superpoke Song 2.0

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Links for 2.28.08: Music charts and graphs, Elliott’s wall,’s extension…

*Music charts. Music graphs.

*Someone is defacing the Elliott Smith wall in L.A. I don’t know. I don’t think he would have minded, for better or for worse. [dailyswarm]

*Music soc-net crazies can now “extend” their experience (stats, vizzies, genre finders, etc.) [] Additionally, Hype Machine now scrobbles to!!

*Skullcandy = supercute. Headphones, no need for a player. @ shiny shiny.

*Local: On March 21, the Minnesota Orchestra will present the music of Led Zeppelin. [switchblade comb]

*Local: The Turf Club and The Minnesota Historical Society ask What Is Hip? and How Did It Emerge? in its History of Hip Series. I think I can help. [metroblogging minneapolis]

*I am boring today. As I am on many days.

Video: Bert and Ernie playing drums


Links for 2.26.08: Perez’s new gig, iTunes new slot, Cloud Cult’s new video…

*LOCAL: OMG. Cloud Cult is shooting a video on Sunday about 4 blocks away from my house. They are looking for extras to jump around in an expressionless manner.


*iTunes is now the #2 music seller in the nation, passing Best Buy and landing behind Wal-mart. How long until iTunes is #1? And then Amazon is #1? []

*Sid Vicious is endorsing Converse. (Note: He is dead.) Also, J. Crew is now selling Purcells? Not good. [stereogum]

*According to the NPD Group, nearly 50% of teens did NOT buy a CD in 2007. [spinning indie]

*GospelDepot is a subscription music service for those who love Christian music. [digital music news]

*A NY Times article from today has a lot of people online worried that Perez Hilton could be a rising A&R force. Grotesque.

Links for 2.25.08: Banhart dressing, Bon Iver rising, Rake waning…

*Facebook app DoubleTwist lets users share music and strip out DRM. (Windows only.) [lifehacker]

*Devendra Banhart has a virtual dress-up doll. Yuck? [peefork]

*Deprive me: The PODillow is a memory foam mask MP3 player. [crave]

*The large, commercial music blogs love Bon Iver. And rightfully so.

*Dr. Dre is launching his own vodka and cognac brands. [dailyswarm]

*Rihanna is now an ambassador for Barbados. Top that, Fergie. [getty images]

*LOCAL: The Rake has stopped publishing its dead wood mag. [minnpost!]

Video: Atmosphere has a YouTube show

He should have Tay Zonday interview him.

[switchblade comb]

Links for 2.23.08: Snoop’s tweets,’s listeners, MySpace’s plan…

*Snoop Dogg is twittering.

* is still growing thanks to free streaming music initiatives. It now has 21M active users monthly. [mashable]

*Again: A music tax from your Internet provider. (If you are Canadian.) [daily loper]

*Maxim reviews the Black Crowes without listening to the album. Nice stunt? [idolator]

*More on MySpace’s coming music plan: streaming, MP3s and subscription all to be available… [readwriteweb]


Bringing together electronic music and a wood lathe. Awesome.

[networked music review]

Video: Barack Obama “Ice, Ice Baby”

AKA “Under Pressure.” AKA Barack vs. Deval


Video: Bach’s “Air” played on bottles


Video: Sleevefaces


Video: Making Our Dreams Come True

Difficult to listen to pro-Clinton Laverne and Shirley theme song satire.

Audio: Amigos de Obama

Reggaeton for Barack Obama.

Fun poli-musical mashes this time around. [mefi]