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Video: + Barack Obama = Yes We Can

I’ve seen this video linked everywhere. Weird that it only has 2K views as of this posting. Anyway,, Scarlett Johansson and other celebs rally for Barack Obama in this “Yes We Can” video.

Links for 2.2.08: I am back, Super Bowl tunes, Amazon’s buys…

*Hello. I am back. I had a work conferencey thing. It was more than exhausting. Catching up…

*Amazon buys Audible for $300M. Apple has the best mp3 player, Amazon has the best store for mp3 players. [digital music news]

*Indiana could soon have a digital download tax on music. [hypebot]

*Normatism: A new digital music venture from a founder of video site Vimeo. Looks, ahem, hip. [listening post]

*Rolling Stone collects video of musician-centric Super Bowl commercials. [getty images]

*Duncan Watts’ anti-Tipping Point push (encapsulated here in a Fast Company article) is predicated partly on experiments using digital music markets.

*Hannah Montana has a 3-D movie?

*RealNetworks lays off 10 music employees.