Links for 2.2.08: I am back, Super Bowl tunes, Amazon’s buys…

by Josh Kimball

*Hello. I am back. I had a work conferencey thing. It was more than exhausting. Catching up…

*Amazon buys Audible for $300M. Apple has the best mp3 player, Amazon has the best store for mp3 players. [digital music news]

*Indiana could soon have a digital download tax on music. [hypebot]

*Normatism: A new digital music venture from a founder of video site Vimeo. Looks, ahem, hip. [listening post]

*Rolling Stone collects video of musician-centric Super Bowl commercials. [getty images]

*Duncan Watts’ anti-Tipping Point push (encapsulated here in a Fast Company article) is predicated partly on experiments using digital music markets.

*Hannah Montana has a 3-D movie?

*RealNetworks lays off 10 music employees.