Links for 2.5.08: 50’s political choice,’s subscription plans, Kanye’s book…

by Josh Kimball

*Popular music lyrics have a lot of sex and drug references. A lot. (See if you can find the slang term for intercourse and drug use buried in one of the two previous sentences.) [ypulse]

*Ze Frank’s explanation of SXSW (in under one minute! in Facebook!?). [fimoculous]

*This link contains the absolute WORST John Mayer link you will ever see. And it’s not even to one of his songs. DO NOT CLICK ON IT.

* to offer two layers of subscription music? Supposedly a $4/month option and a $10/month all-you-can-listen option. [silicon alley insider]

*Kanye West has a book coming out. Nah Right has some excerpts. Not a lot of text.

*Viral success doesn’t necessarily correlate to strong sales in music: a case study.

*In lodging: A Hard Day’s Night is a new hotel in Liverpool that celebrates the Beatles. [buzzfeed]

*50 Cent believes that America is not ready for a black president.

*UNRELATED: High heels boost your sex life? Huh.

*TANGENTIAL: The Triumph of Bullshit (which rules) offers this single-purpose site:

*LOCAL: The Daily Mole goes underground. Looked bad. Is it my problem that I also do not find MinnPost compelling in the least? Because I am open to that being the issue… [mnspeak]