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Links for 2.7.08: My mental slippage, Prince naked, Music Zeitgeist

*Brought to my attention by a recent Brooklyn Vegan post, the Hype Machine Music Zeitgeist kind of rules. Some batshit visualizations and stats would be nice.

*RealNetworks’ revenues grow 21% in the 4th quarter. [paidcontent]

*What will a Wii game based on the teen pregnancy film Juno look like? Hello?

*Trent Reznor will contribute music to a Fight Club musical? Hello?

*G-Unit clothing line is mortally wounded?

*Cover Culture: A site devoted to album cover art. Get ready for a mostly naked Prince. [murketing]

*Music Thing collects some wicked homemade instruments.

*Guitar Rising: A Guitar Hero for use with real guitars. Who wants to use REAL guitars? [listening post]

*Once, it took me almost 3 days to remember the title of a movie I’d seen – it was Barry Lyndon. I (Krapp’s Last Tape style) viewed (and still view) that singular mental failure as the beginning of my intellectual decline. Anyway, Red Ferret covers 7 sites that help you remember what song it is you’re thinking of.

Video: Fan video mashes up “My Humps” with metal’s Cradle of Filth


Video: Pearl Jam (sans Vedder) supports Obama in song

A version of “Rock Around the Clock” recorded by some of the members of Pearl Jam. [mefi]