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2 Personal Observations upon reading the Sunday Times

1) It appears that Ernest Hemingway is wearing Jack Purcell sneakers in this pic. Note the smile on the toe. Yes, BADMINTON SHOES.

2) Idly glancing at the back page of the New York Times‘ Week in Review section, I came across an interesting consumption-oriented article that’s directly pertinent to my work life (You Are What You Spend).

Also noted was how awesomely awesome the accompanying charts and graphs were. Their maker = Nicholas Felton, a designer who helped us out at my day job a couple years ago by recording a short video for one of our conferences. You should consider buying his annual report.

Links for 2.10.08: Playboy shirts, Lost epis, death metal names…

*Crafty PR. VERY crafty. Daft Punk, The Oohlas, The Shins and othercs design new Playboy bunny shirts. [brooklyn vegan]

*Previously On Lost: A band records and posts on MySpace a song to recap each episode of Lost. [waxy]

*Timbaland’s first-ever “mobile album” will probably be boring. And it isn’t the first mobile-only album. This is. (Wrote about it two years for the day job.) [daily swarm]

*The L.A. Times writes up a Mexi-rock doc: “Rock ‘n’ Roll Made in Mexico: From Evolution to Revolution.” If I knew more Spanish, I would make a lame quip in that language, as well. [murketing]

*Is Rob Zombie going to direct a Conan the Barbarian movie?

*There’s now a free MySpace-enabled online version of Spin. Maybe people will read it. [ourdigitalmusic]

*Jay-Z is creating an ad agency.

*Here at the listenerd, we are interested in all things banana related. Especially walls made out of them. [neatorama]

*Kirk Hammet of Metallica enjoys the lullaby versions of Metallica songs from Rockabye Baby. This is the first real news we’ve heard from Metallica since James Hetfield was detained (or not detained) due to an out-of-control talibeard at a British airport. [stereogum]

*Metal Sucks brings it again with more incredible death metal band names; Rectal Smegma and Pulmonary Fibrosis are two of the more staid entries.