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Video: A phonograph playing “Wabash Blues”

It spins around and around in a VERY soothing manner. (It’s been a while since we did the whole vintage audio thing.)

Links for 2.11.08: Coolio’s salad, Google’s song, McCain’s retort…

*VIDEO: How would you like Coolio’s recipe for caprese salad? (There is some strong language, I must warn you.) [buzzfeed]

*Google’s hourly trend watch can be fascinating to watch: During last night’s Grammy’s the top search was “how old is tina turner.”

*The Journal talks dance routines and long-time listenerd favorite Soulja Boy. [ypulse]

*AUDIO: Teyana Taylor’s “Google Me.” [fimoculous]

* A take-off on’s Obama support video, this one is pro-McCain:


Video: Kanye and Daft Punk @ the Grammy’s

UPDATE: Daily Motion took it down, but the video is still up here.