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Video: A phonograph spinning

Wow. Either soothing or just super, super old school.

Links for 2.14.08: A Skinstrument, Slug on love, McCain’s spawn…

*John McCain’s daughter is ONE OF US. [peefork]

*eMusic is moving into A&R?

*Who doesn’t love Bon Iver? Whoever it is should start.

*Absolut is sponsoring Kanye’s upcoming tour. Smart move. [daily swarm]

*Old news by now, but Imeem is buying Snocap.

*Bubblegen on music file-sharing and risk. [a vc]

*From Networked Music Review comes this video of a Skinstrument. No, perverts, it is nothing like a skin flute. [networked music review]

*The A.V. Club celebrates Valentine’s Day by running a Dear Slug (of Atmosphere) column.

*The Naked Cowboy sues Mars for an ad they ran featuring a naked guitar-playing M&M.