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Video: Clip from “Where the Wild Things Are”

Where the Wild Things Are. Super trippy. [the playlist]

Video: 3-year-old Korean kid singing “Hey, Jude”


Links for 2.16.08: Hulu for music? Kareem blogs? Tweens buy?…

*A Hulu for music? MySpace and NBC are working to strike a deal to offer ad-supported tunes. [paidcontent] (Do enough people even know what Hulu is to re-use it like this?)

*The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle talks writing with The Guardian: “Well, first I studied hard drugs. Then at the end of that period of time I went to nursing school.”

*Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is blogging for the L.A. Times. [mefi]

*Look here: Vizzies of’s friend network. I don’t friend on [magnetbox]

*My Old Kentucky Blog posts local boys’ Tapes ‘n Tapes’ latest, “Hang Them All.”

*The NPD group says tweens prefer iTunes to filesharing. Soon they will prefer the Amazon MP3 store to filesharing. [hypebot]

*The next release of the videogame Rock Band will include tunes by Weezer, Stone Temple Pilots and Garbage. [kotaku]