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Links for 2.18.08: Lots of records, Bon Iver’s blog, public tv sucks…

*The oft-blogged best record collection in the world is on sale on eBay for $3M. Really? Wouldn’t like 4 days straight on Limewire get you pretty close?

*Music :: clothing / kanye :: sneakers / cansei dei ser sexy :: hoodies [joshspear]

*Mike Doughty: Sort of a DIY Take Away Shows. [so much silence]

*Maybe you should read Bon Iver’s blog.

*Aerosmith is doing its own version of Guitar Hero. [yahoo news via hypebot]

*American Idol performances will now be available for purchase on iTunes – they can be set to be automatically downloaded the day after a show airs. They’ll cost $2. I would recommend putting them on YouTube instead. But that’s me. [ilounge]

*The New York Times on the relative success of public radio and the decline of public television. Doesn’t even address pub rad rock stations like The Current.

Video (redux): Kanye and Daft Punk at the Grammy’s

If you are looking for Kanye West performing at the Grammy’s with Daft Punk, you will find the video on Vimeo.

Video: Milkshake mashup of Kelis and “There Will be Blood”