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Links for 2.19.08: numbers, Microsoft music, acts…

*ReadWriteWeb calls out their Top 10 data mashes.

*For all your punk rock prophylactic needs: Ramones condoms. [pop candy]

*If you’re not already depressed from a long day at work: Music made from sounds taken only from Windows 98 and Windows XP. [all things d]

*Free music downloads from local (Minneapolis) music label Royalty, Etc. Records. REVEILLE takes a look.

* will be appearing in the next X-Men movie. Possibly as a superhero who so smells like funk that he overpowers his foes via their olfactory systems? [daily swarm]

*This has nothing to do with music, but I still love it. Video of gloves that shoot flames out of the fingers. [geekologie]

Video: An iPhone band – iBand