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Video: Jin’s “Open Letter to Obama”

[nah right]

Links for 2.21.08: iLike feeds artist news, Eminem writes, Kazzong widgets…

*iLike has launched functionality that lets people create feeds for artist news. More minutia of Soulja Boy and Black Eyed Peas’ lives, here we comeeeeeeee!!!111 [techcrunch]

*LISTS: Spinner has the top 25 band logos. [murketing]

*Eminem has a memoir on the way? [getty images]

*Kazzong lets musicians sell mp3s of their tunes via widget. [listening post]

*LISTS: The 25 Greatest Duets of all time. [pop candy]

*LOCAL: Tapes ‘n Tapes is playing a surprise show at the Turf Club (just around the corner) in under an hour. OK, by the time you read this, it was a long time ago.

*LOCAL: The Rake is for sale. I wish I could comment.

Video: Rihanna and Klaxons at 2008 The Brits

[shots ring out]

Is that a laser harp?