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Video: The Superpoke Song

Superpoke Song 2.0

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Links for 2.28.08: Music charts and graphs, Elliott’s wall,’s extension…

*Music charts. Music graphs.

*Someone is defacing the Elliott Smith wall in L.A. I don’t know. I don’t think he would have minded, for better or for worse. [dailyswarm]

*Music soc-net crazies can now “extend” their experience (stats, vizzies, genre finders, etc.) [] Additionally, Hype Machine now scrobbles to!!

*Skullcandy = supercute. Headphones, no need for a player. @ shiny shiny.

*Local: On March 21, the Minnesota Orchestra will present the music of Led Zeppelin. [switchblade comb]

*Local: The Turf Club and The Minnesota Historical Society ask What Is Hip? and How Did It Emerge? in its History of Hip Series. I think I can help. [metroblogging minneapolis]

*I am boring today. As I am on many days.

Video: Bert and Ernie playing drums