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Month: February, 2008

Video: Jin’s “Open Letter to Obama”

[nah right]

Links for 2.21.08: iLike feeds artist news, Eminem writes, Kazzong widgets…

*iLike has launched functionality that lets people create feeds for artist news. More minutia of Soulja Boy and Black Eyed Peas’ lives, here we comeeeeeeee!!!111 [techcrunch]

*LISTS: Spinner has the top 25 band logos. [murketing]

*Eminem has a memoir on the way? [getty images]

*Kazzong lets musicians sell mp3s of their tunes via widget. [listening post]

*LISTS: The 25 Greatest Duets of all time. [pop candy]

*LOCAL: Tapes ‘n Tapes is playing a surprise show at the Turf Club (just around the corner) in under an hour. OK, by the time you read this, it was a long time ago.

*LOCAL: The Rake is for sale. I wish I could comment.

Video: Rihanna and Klaxons at 2008 The Brits

[shots ring out]

Is that a laser harp?

Links for 2.19.08: numbers, Microsoft music, acts…

*ReadWriteWeb calls out their Top 10 data mashes.

*For all your punk rock prophylactic needs: Ramones condoms. [pop candy]

*If you’re not already depressed from a long day at work: Music made from sounds taken only from Windows 98 and Windows XP. [all things d]

*Free music downloads from local (Minneapolis) music label Royalty, Etc. Records. REVEILLE takes a look.

* will be appearing in the next X-Men movie. Possibly as a superhero who so smells like funk that he overpowers his foes via their olfactory systems? [daily swarm]

*This has nothing to do with music, but I still love it. Video of gloves that shoot flames out of the fingers. [geekologie]

Video: An iPhone band – iBand


Links for 2.18.08: Lots of records, Bon Iver’s blog, public tv sucks…

*The oft-blogged best record collection in the world is on sale on eBay for $3M. Really? Wouldn’t like 4 days straight on Limewire get you pretty close?

*Music :: clothing / kanye :: sneakers / cansei dei ser sexy :: hoodies [joshspear]

*Mike Doughty: Sort of a DIY Take Away Shows. [so much silence]

*Maybe you should read Bon Iver’s blog.

*Aerosmith is doing its own version of Guitar Hero. [yahoo news via hypebot]

*American Idol performances will now be available for purchase on iTunes – they can be set to be automatically downloaded the day after a show airs. They’ll cost $2. I would recommend putting them on YouTube instead. But that’s me. [ilounge]

*The New York Times on the relative success of public radio and the decline of public television. Doesn’t even address pub rad rock stations like The Current.

Video (redux): Kanye and Daft Punk at the Grammy’s

If you are looking for Kanye West performing at the Grammy’s with Daft Punk, you will find the video on Vimeo.

Video: Milkshake mashup of Kelis and “There Will be Blood”


Video: The Laser Harp

[uber review]

Video: Clip from “Where the Wild Things Are”

Where the Wild Things Are. Super trippy. [the playlist]

Video: 3-year-old Korean kid singing “Hey, Jude”


Links for 2.16.08: Hulu for music? Kareem blogs? Tweens buy?…

*A Hulu for music? MySpace and NBC are working to strike a deal to offer ad-supported tunes. [paidcontent] (Do enough people even know what Hulu is to re-use it like this?)

*The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle talks writing with The Guardian: “Well, first I studied hard drugs. Then at the end of that period of time I went to nursing school.”

*Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is blogging for the L.A. Times. [mefi]

*Look here: Vizzies of’s friend network. I don’t friend on [magnetbox]

*My Old Kentucky Blog posts local boys’ Tapes ‘n Tapes’ latest, “Hang Them All.”

*The NPD group says tweens prefer iTunes to filesharing. Soon they will prefer the Amazon MP3 store to filesharing. [hypebot]

*The next release of the videogame Rock Band will include tunes by Weezer, Stone Temple Pilots and Garbage. [kotaku]

Links for 2.15.08:’s future, Google’s music, Spore’s sound…

*Holy buzzword watch: Google, ad-supported, drm-free, music, China.

*The Alternative Consumer tracks down some chic and eco coasters – made from record holes. I want.

* of the Black Eyed Peas claims that mobile music is the future. This is the man who sang “if it smells like elephant shit, it must be us.” Fair warning.

*The music generating algorithm (whaa?) for much-anticipated videogame Spore was created in part by Brian Eno. [listening post]

*Read: a mock Diablo Cody script. Annotated for your pleasure. [defamer]

Video: A phonograph spinning

Wow. Either soothing or just super, super old school.