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Video: Vampire Weekend’s “Walcott”

Perhaps you have heard of them.

Video: Balloon organ (from the dept. of weird instruments)

[networked music review]

Video: MC Chris Nrrrd Grrrl nerdcore video


Video: Kanye hands – Stronger

These are not my hands.

[kanye’s blog]

Video: Will.I.Am + Obama = We Are The Ones

Jessica Alba, Ryan Phillipe, Theo from the Cosby Show, some dude from Friday Night Lights, George Lopez, and chanting.

[nah right]

Links for 3.1.08: Beatles’ run, pi’s sound, “phantom words”…

*TuneCore, a company that helps indie bands distribute and sell their music (previously through iTunes), is moving into physical media distribution. [listening post]

*Avoision turns the first 10,000 digits of pi into musical notes. [infosthetics]

*Listen up: In the New Scientist‘s most recent issue, they cover music. Read/listen to this article on auditory illusions. PHANTOM WORDS. [networked music review]

*Liverpool half-marathon adopts a Beatles theme (mile markers are associated with song titles). [xrrf]

*MC Hammer’s DanceJam (a social network for dancing) is now open to the public. I will be taking on all comers in Crank That dance battles. [techcrunch]

*Totally off topic: a cup made out of bacon. [neatorama]

*Words that go nowhere: I am still thinking about jumping up and down without expression for a Cloud Cult music video tomorrow.