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Video: “Obama” parody set to the tune of Rihanna’s “Umbrella”

Fairly horrible political parody to the tune (kinda) of Rihanna’s “Umbrella.”

Video: Wailing away on V-beat air drums

(Warning: this video has a shitload of air instrumentals.)

[bb gadgets]

Video: Bon Iver’s “The Wolves (Acts 1 & 2)”


Links for 3.8.08: Naughty librarians, PowerPoint Karaoke, the Power of the Pearl…

*Study says dancehall music leads to sex. Or seizures. [getty images]

*Read Barack Obama’s thank you letter to Shepard Fairey for the posters he designed. [good]

*Lil Wayne is pimping Strapped condoms. [idolator]

*I have been on the receiving end of much denigration for my purchase of a Blackberry Pearl. But what will my detractors be saying after I join Will.I.Am’s social network, Dipdive.

*Dead Buddy speakers. The perfect complement to the Voodoo knife holder.

*200k musicians are using iLike’s Universal Artist Dashboard? High.

*The Future of Music Coalition has lined up Wilco and Bright Eyes, among others to rock for Net Neutrality. [peefork]

*PowerPoint karaoke: Present a random deck of slides to a group of bored onlookers. It’s like every week of my job, but for fun. [adverlab]

*San Francisco readers: There’s a Naughty Librarians’ Convention happening today in your city. Just saying. [laughing squid]