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Video: Atmosphere continues with his YouTube show

Episode 4.


Links for 3.19.08: Bob Mould talks with Gay, Fergie’s got a bump…

*Bob Mould does an interview with He would rather sleep with Sid Vicious than Johnny Rotten. Among other more interesting topics. [mediation]

*OMG: A lovely lady lump of her own? Fergie might be preggers! [parent dish]

*Songkick: A concert recommendation engine that allows you to input bands you like, then tells you when other bands you may enjoy will be playing near you. [venture beat]

*Goodbye Gerard vs. Bear?

*Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz has a line of clothing at Nordstrom. [ypulse]

*eMusic is worried about antitrust issues re: Apple’s all-you-can eat music plans.

*Six-word music reviews from SXSW. On local boy Kid Dakota: “Haunting, yes—but haunting like Caspar. [sic]”

*You may want to begin using a Hulger phone while DJing. Seriously. Think about it. [josh spear]

Video: Hilary Duff v. Black Eyed Peas

I have an unreasoning love of the BEPs.

I’m sorry.

[hip-hop elements]