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Video: “I Want Barack” – Twisted Sister’s guitarist backs Obama

To the tune of his band’s famous “I Wanna Rock,” Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French throws his considerable political clout behind Senator Obama.

[metal sucks]

Video: Let’s take a look at all of Leonard Nimoy’s album covers

I don’t know why.


Video: Singing John McCain girls

There is screeching.


Video: iPhone as 3-piece band

iPhones as guitar, synthesizer and bass.


Links for 3.22.08: Kanye’s video, Zonday’s reign, the beauty of cassette tapes…

*Kanye West rolled a bunch of accompanying video at the big launch party for his album Graduation last summer. Now, he’s running them for the public. Watch: Good Morning 2001. Stronger.

*In today’s New York Times, Billy Bragg says that social networks like Bebo and MySpace should pay musicians for the rights to play their music.

*[New to me.] A gorgeous site for the cassette tape enthusiast: Now all they need is a YouTube channel that features each of these tapes playing (preferably blank ones). [cocaine blunts]

*Rock Band has sold 6 million song downloads since its November release. It is a video game. [hypebot]

*Local: Tay Zonday’s Chocolate Rain named as one of YouTube’s best. [ypulse]

*Stereogum continues with the Bon Iver love fest, posting video of fanny pack fan Mr. Vernon wailing and singing at SXSW.

*Brainiacs: If you would like to know how music is processed. [murketing]