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Video: A sampling, drum-playing robot

Let’s Make Robots has made a robot that plays kick-ass percussion.

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Links for 3.23.08: Wikipedia’s tunes, Bragg’s tail, Ramones’ shoes…

*Lots of reactions to Mr. Billy Bragg’s Bebo-based editorial from yesterday’s Times, including TechCrunch, New Music Strategies, Mathew Ingram and Fred Wilson. So many people ready to tell everyone else they’re wrong-headed, so few decent answers. Now back to searching YouTube for videos of phonographs playing.

*Music fans would rather get band info from Wikipedia than MySpace, according to Yahoo data. [mashable]

*Kurt Cobain Converse? Meet Johnny Ramone Vans. [uncrate]

*The Wall Street Journal looks at the Black Keys’ potential career paths. They’re working with DJ Danger Mouse.

*Thom Yorke interviews the mayor of London on climate change. [treehugger]

*If you have lost your hearing due to inappropriate iPod volume or excessive concert going, I recommend these flaps.

*Off topic: Straddling the line between the worst and best website of all time. [reddit]