Notes from my bus ride: Rickrolling the Scientologists and The Hills

Two items from the New York Times that deserves special mention:

*Real-life rickrolling: While it is interesting that crazy kids are stopping college events – such as the recent real-life rickrolling of an Eastern Washington University women’s basketball game – to unexpectedly play and/or lip sync to a particular Rick Astley song (as has been done through unexpected linkage online for months), the Times buries the lead on this one. “Former Scientologists protesting against the church, for example, have been playing and singing the song this year outside Scientology offices in London, Washington, Seattle and other cities.


*Holy verbiage. Ginia Bellafante brings the bons mots with an irresistible review of The Hills. Selections:

“The pseudo-improvised reality series “The Hills,” as it plays out beyond MTV, on tabloid covers and in nearly every other byway of the modern media, is above all a vicious decimator of hope.”

“Lauren’s close friend and colleague Whitney, until now perhaps the best approximation of a Shakespearean mute that reality TV has ever produced…”