On Language: portmanteau disease

by Josh Kimball

Off music, on language: Propagated in part by blogs like BuzzFeed (who has been something of a leader in spotting symptoms of portmanteau disease), a number hybrid physical or mental conditions with one unifying theme – awesomely bullshittish portmanteaeu names – have gained a foothold in the culture of late.

Some of them: drunkorexia, sexsomnia, connectile dysfunction. I would also recommend checking out the Phobia List, though items on this list seem to be more mainstream.

Future (or currently under-reported) conditions:
*rageorexia (thinness due to rage)
*scrabies (a combination of scabies and rabies)
*drunkoholic (someone who keeps getting drunk)
*drunkomnia (inability to sleep due to drunkeness)
*portmanteau disease (urge to combine words)