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Month: March, 2008

Links for 3.25.08: Subscription music, Muxtape, Loser Scholarship, Britney’s turn…

*More subscription stuff: BMG is considering a subscription music option? [techmeme] Though old-school technology pundits douse subscription music “schemes” with haterade at their mere mention, I don’t think it’s that dumb a deal. As I’ve said perhaps too many times: As a lazy-ass consumer, I want to outsource the pain in the ass of managing files to someone else. Does access and control necessarily equal ownership? More.

*The mixtape website everyone is talking about: Muxtape.

*You can listen to and obtain a new Flight of the Conchords mp3 from Brooklyn Vegan, among other places. “Yis.”

*If you want to search for MP3s (but don’t want to eff around with Hype Machine): Mp3gle. [our digital music]

*Sub Pop’s Loser Scholarship gives $13k to loser high school senior musician wannabes. [getty images]

*10M people tuned into How I Met Your Mother to see Britney. She didn’t have a meltdown. [huffpo]

*Imeem opens up its API and becomes a “media platform.” [paidcontent]

*LOCAL: The Rock the Walker concert slated for the eponymous Minneapolis museum this June looks pretty damn good: New Pornographers, Bon Iver, Cloud Cult, Andrew Bird. [reveille via switchblade comb]

*I have a FriendFeed.


Video: Senior Citizens re-enact “The Hills” has created video of senior citizens doing word-for-word reenactments of scenes of “The Hills.” [huffpo]

(Neg: The bumpers are too long and the ads are annoying.)

Complaint Department: Kanye West division

I need to take 5 seconds to be annoyed: Great content. But Kanye, would it kill you to not truncate your RSS feed items? If you need to respond, Mr. West, you may do so in the comments.

Thank you.

Notes from my bus ride: Rickrolling the Scientologists and The Hills

Two items from the New York Times that deserves special mention:

*Real-life rickrolling: While it is interesting that crazy kids are stopping college events – such as the recent real-life rickrolling of an Eastern Washington University women’s basketball game – to unexpectedly play and/or lip sync to a particular Rick Astley song (as has been done through unexpected linkage online for months), the Times buries the lead on this one. “Former Scientologists protesting against the church, for example, have been playing and singing the song this year outside Scientology offices in London, Washington, Seattle and other cities.


*Holy verbiage. Ginia Bellafante brings the bons mots with an irresistible review of The Hills. Selections:

“The pseudo-improvised reality series “The Hills,” as it plays out beyond MTV, on tabloid covers and in nearly every other byway of the modern media, is above all a vicious decimator of hope.”

“Lauren’s close friend and colleague Whitney, until now perhaps the best approximation of a Shakespearean mute that reality TV has ever produced…”

Video: A sampling, drum-playing robot

Let’s Make Robots has made a robot that plays kick-ass percussion.

[music thing]

Links for 3.23.08: Wikipedia’s tunes, Bragg’s tail, Ramones’ shoes…

*Lots of reactions to Mr. Billy Bragg’s Bebo-based editorial from yesterday’s Times, including TechCrunch, New Music Strategies, Mathew Ingram and Fred Wilson. So many people ready to tell everyone else they’re wrong-headed, so few decent answers. Now back to searching YouTube for videos of phonographs playing.

*Music fans would rather get band info from Wikipedia than MySpace, according to Yahoo data. [mashable]

*Kurt Cobain Converse? Meet Johnny Ramone Vans. [uncrate]

*The Wall Street Journal looks at the Black Keys’ potential career paths. They’re working with DJ Danger Mouse.

*Thom Yorke interviews the mayor of London on climate change. [treehugger]

*If you have lost your hearing due to inappropriate iPod volume or excessive concert going, I recommend these flaps.

*Off topic: Straddling the line between the worst and best website of all time. [reddit]

Video: “I Want Barack” – Twisted Sister’s guitarist backs Obama

To the tune of his band’s famous “I Wanna Rock,” Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French throws his considerable political clout behind Senator Obama.

[metal sucks]

Video: Let’s take a look at all of Leonard Nimoy’s album covers

I don’t know why.


Video: Singing John McCain girls

There is screeching.


Video: iPhone as 3-piece band

iPhones as guitar, synthesizer and bass.


Links for 3.22.08: Kanye’s video, Zonday’s reign, the beauty of cassette tapes…

*Kanye West rolled a bunch of accompanying video at the big launch party for his album Graduation last summer. Now, he’s running them for the public. Watch: Good Morning 2001. Stronger.

*In today’s New York Times, Billy Bragg says that social networks like Bebo and MySpace should pay musicians for the rights to play their music.

*[New to me.] A gorgeous site for the cassette tape enthusiast: Now all they need is a YouTube channel that features each of these tapes playing (preferably blank ones). [cocaine blunts]

*Rock Band has sold 6 million song downloads since its November release. It is a video game. [hypebot]

*Local: Tay Zonday’s Chocolate Rain named as one of YouTube’s best. [ypulse]

*Stereogum continues with the Bon Iver love fest, posting video of fanny pack fan Mr. Vernon wailing and singing at SXSW.

*Brainiacs: If you would like to know how music is processed. [murketing]

Video: Atmosphere continues with his YouTube show

Episode 4.


Links for 3.19.08: Bob Mould talks with Gay, Fergie’s got a bump…

*Bob Mould does an interview with He would rather sleep with Sid Vicious than Johnny Rotten. Among other more interesting topics. [mediation]

*OMG: A lovely lady lump of her own? Fergie might be preggers! [parent dish]

*Songkick: A concert recommendation engine that allows you to input bands you like, then tells you when other bands you may enjoy will be playing near you. [venture beat]

*Goodbye Gerard vs. Bear?

*Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz has a line of clothing at Nordstrom. [ypulse]

*eMusic is worried about antitrust issues re: Apple’s all-you-can eat music plans.

*Six-word music reviews from SXSW. On local boy Kid Dakota: “Haunting, yes—but haunting like Caspar. [sic]”

*You may want to begin using a Hulger phone while DJing. Seriously. Think about it. [josh spear]

Video: Hilary Duff v. Black Eyed Peas

I have an unreasoning love of the BEPs.

I’m sorry.

[hip-hop elements]