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Tay Zonday interview in reach magazine

reach – the magazine of the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts – has an interview with one Adam Bahner (aka Tay Zonday) in its most recent edition (apparently not online).

An excerpt:

“The question used to be ‘the ballot or the bullet,'” he says, invoking Malcom X’s philosophy for empowering black people. “Now it’s more like the ballot or the beatbox, the ballot or the open mic, the ballot or the play.” He pauses, to catch his breath. And then he laughs.

“It’s the ballot or YouTube.”

Links for 4.3.08: iTunes sales, MySpace Music, Akon’s phone call…

*iTunes has moved ahead of Wal-mart as the top music retailer in the United States. Of America. [techmeme]

*MySpace Music finally offers users the chance to buy DRM-free music.

*From Pee-fork: Natalie Portman to star in an upcoming Devendra Banhart video? Hopefully, she gets the Wes Anderson treatment. What?

*You may have heard: Jay-Z signed a far-reaching $150M deal with Live Nation.

*Waxy > Sasha-Frere Jones > Idolator > An animated video of Akon calling T-Pain.

*For all my lasagna lovers: the Garfield MP3 player.

*This is the sound of an Icelandic glacier melting. I don’t care for it. [mefi]

*Off-topic: I want Pac-Man shoes. [wonderland]

Video: Cat Power on Letterman

Video: Mike Gravel covers Helter Skelter (“aka Electro Skeletor”)

What I like about Mike Gravel is his craziness.

Off-topic video: John Malkovich bathtub interview

Perhaps you will be as amused, disturbed and disgusted as I was. (Sorry about the dumb pre-roll ads, etc.) [laughing squid]