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optimized for maximum incontinence stats: Compare your tastes to those of users in countries across the globe

Plug in your user name, get the country whose users’ musical tastes best match yours. Turns out, my musical tastes (such as they are) are best matched by users in “Unites States Minor Outlying Islands.” I have no idea what that means. Nice looking map, though.

Off-topic video: Minesweeper’s expert level defeated in 37 seconds

This is almost as fascinating as watching elite Guitar Hero shredding.


Video: Ken Nordine’s “The Essence of S”

Yes, I am a huge nerd. But I love Word Jazz. Still.

Also, I love the fact that Ken Nordine responds to each and every one of his YouTube commenters.

OK GO brings the bons mots re: Net Neutrality

OK, does OK GO’s editorial on Net Neutrality from today’s New York Times mean I have to start liking them? Even on some level? Because I’m not crazy about the idea.


“OK Go, has been among the first to find real success on the Internet — our songs and videos have been streamed and downloaded hundreds of millions of times (orders of magnitude above our CD sales) — so the committee thought I’d make a decent spokesman for up-and-coming musicians in this new era of digital pandemonium.

I’m flattered, of course, but it makes you wonder if Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner sit around arguing who was listening to Vampire Weekend first.”

Video: R.E.M.’s “Until the Day Is Done” Take-Away Show

Many more R.E.M. Take Aways shows can be found here.

Please remember: We are still optimized for maximum incontinence.

And always will be.

Links for 4.6.08: Cee-Lo’s dress, Lil Jon’s wine, Scorsese’s friends…

*Wait. Lil Jon has really started a wine label? Little Jonathan Winery. [getty images]

*The NYT covers Gnarls Barkley: On the challenges of following up an album with an amazingly catchy hit, and also a nice picture of Cee-Lo in a wedding dress.

*Also in the Times, Andrew Kuo’s visualization of Usher’s latest single.

*A video about the making of that Busted Tees Harvey Danger lip dub video from WAY back in the day. [waxy]

*The news is a few days old, but Charles Manson has released an album under a Creative Commons license. [listening post]

*Perhaps you should friend Martin Scorsese. [pop candy]

*OH. I started using VodPod to post videos and it’s not so bad. It doesn’t display the attribution as I’d like it to (at least not without some fiddling that I don’t have the patience for right now), but the ability to post with two clicks is fantastic.