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Video: Monster Camp – a documentary about LARPing

Without LARP, we would not understand the edges of our own society. (Not sure what that means exactly, but I wanted to say something positive.) This movie is from ’07, but as you may know, LARPing is timeless.

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Video: Nas talks about Barack Obama

Another musical perspective on the presidential race.

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Video: DR Adams Interviews Bob Mould

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Video: the Harpeggi has 24 strings and 24 frets

I am scared of this – and many – instruments.

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A much-overdue quote from Fergie re: peeing onstage

Though Fergie (aka The Dutchess) is one of the main reasons for the founding of this blog, we have been lax in our Fergi-centric coverage of late.

To remedy this error oversight, I offer up this outstanding quote of Fergie (commenting on the time she peed her pants on stage) from a Blender interview (by way of this month’s Bust):

“You haven’t had to go straight on stage after being late to a show, then jumped up and down while singing ‘Let’s Get Retarded,’ OK, motherfucker? I was late, so I didn’t go to the restroom before I went onstage. It was horrible, but whatever. It happened.”

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*If you like music and moving pictures, you will probably like the newly launched and/or the soon-to-launch Videogum.

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*Wal-mart’s committed to keep going on the DRM-free music front, with or without Warner Music. [digital music news]

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*Off-topic thing: Bagelfuls – “the twinkie of bagels.”

*Local: I am linking to this pizza joint review mainly due to its “good crime stories” link, a story that amuses me to no end every time I drive past Red Savoy Pizza.